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We got you covered. You don’t need to worry about finding a place to stay or finding a company to insure your stay in Canada. We will help you with all.

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We’ll ensure that you are safe and sound in Canada

How it works?

Once you finalized everything in Canada with your studies and get your visa. The next step is finding a temporary place to stay and getting you covered by the insurance. We will help you with accommodation and insurance by providing you the service you need. 

Finding a Temporary Stay

Before you land into Canada, depending your school and preferences, our team will help you find a suitable temporary stay before and during your studies. We will share you the options and will guide through your new home.

Getting an Insurance

Even though you will be covered by your institution (many institutions, not all) during your studies, you might come to Canada a bit earlier than your studies. In this scenario, to be safe, we can help you arrange a insurance which will cover you before your studies start.

Changing Your Stay in Canada

Whenever you want to change your stay in Canada, you can contact our team with your request. First we will assess your situation and the reason that you want to change your stay. Then, by considering all, we will help you finding your next stay.


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Frequently Asked Questions

As we mentioned above, many Canadian Institutions provide (they are liable by the law) insurance for their students during their studies. However, outside of those dates, we recommend you to have your own private insurance, since the medical expenses can be very high depending on the situation in Canada. This insurance will give you a peace of mind so you can focus on your experience in Canada.

If you want to arrange your stay in Canada by yourself, you can use official listing websites which will help you find the options for your stay. You can check out the websites like,, Facebook Marketplace, and These platforms will help you find and communicate directly with the property owner. 

For all of your questions regarding your temporary stay or the insurance process in Canada, you can contact our team from

Carol Oliveira

Do you need a stay or insurance in Canada?

We will help you getting your place in Canada and will make sure you're covered by the right insurance. Let's chat!
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